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Lee Boyce

Strength Coach, Internationally Published Writer, Speaker, College Educator, and TV Fitness Expert

I'm a very particular person, especially since I've got a decent amount of exposure in large places as a fitness expert and Strength coach. With that said, I usually try to do as much as I can by myself - but I'm also technologically challenged. Of course, for website design, that poses a huge problem. Linking up with Andrew Reed was the smartest thing I've done for my website and online presence. He delivered on each and every one of my design and functionality requests - and believe me, there were a lot. The result has been a website that has operated at top calibre with many of the latest bells and whistles I didn't even think were possible to have. When I size up his services and rates to those I've worked with in past, it just makes me more grateful to have come across his work. There's no comparison at all. His work will be something I endorse for as long as we're both in business.

Braden Wallake

President at HyperSoc1al

Working with Andrew Reed was so awesome! I was looking for someone to edit a few things behind the scenes on my website and Andrew found an amazing workaround and had everything I needed done within a few hours from when I first contacted him! So excited to keep his contact info around so I can hire him for many jobs in the future!

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