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So you've loaded up an e-commerce store with your selection of products, and you've flipped the big, neon "OPEN" sign on...but nobody's buying. Many anxious questions are running through your mind that all amount to "why?" and "how?" That's where

we, the cavalry, come in to help you ease those frustrations. Website audits, SEO, Ad Campaigns, landing pages, automation -- all necessary bits to make your online business successful. We're here to help those who are wanting to take it to the next level, and turn their e-commerce store into something that stirs more pride, than frustration. 

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Your buyers aren't converting, because of any combination of the following reasons...

You thought e-commerce was turn-key.

A large mistake that most e-commerce business owners make, is that they believe that the online store process is turn-key -- meaning that you build it, and then it somehow magically attracts your customers. That's not how it works, and we're here to help show you why, and how to use your store as the tool it was meant to be.

You fail to attract new customers, and retain old ones.

Many people believe that a share to friends and family on Facebook is enough to get a store going. "Hey everybody. My new store is up. A share and like would be much appreciated!" Sound familiar? Or maybe you have people buying things, but they are purely new customers -- meaning you never pull anyone back to buy more things. Exposure is important, to both new and old customers. Allow us to help you become a gladiator in that arena!

Your website isn't quite up to par.

A lot of people fail to realize what web design is, at it's core. Sure a website can look pretty, but does it invoke interaction with your customer base, through tailored color schemes and strategic callout placement? Allow us to work with you, by auditing your website and pointing out any gaps that need filling. 

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